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 Gotta go  Personal Care Devices

A  Wide Range Of Usages:   Male Incontinence, Law Enforcement, Truckers, Hunters & More.

Product Award, Portable Urinal in Beaumont, CA
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Disposable Version Gotta'go $29.99

The Problem To Be Solved:

There are several professions that require men to endure extremely long periods of time without access to a restroom facility.

In the past, these men have had to either restrain their urinary urge, which is not healthy, or find creative and often messy ways to relieve themselves.

Also, men with medical conditions, including prostrate conditions, have urinal problems and find it difficult to deal with their constant need to urinate and with urinary incontinence.

The product was invented by a law enforcement officer responsible for transporting dangerous prisoners long distances. In these situations, neither the officers nor the prisoners can be allowed a bathroom break.

Gotta'go Pro Gear Version
Available August
Contour  Gotta'go Version
Disposable Gotta'go  Version

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Product Award, Portable Urinal in Beaumont, CA  


Contour Version Shown

Inventor/Owner Roderick Calhoun and his wife, Karol, are residents of Beaumont, California. The Calhouns have two children, Jacare and Sarah. Mr. Calhoun is a federal law enforcement officer and enjoys a variety of sporting activities in his leisure time. Like most creators of new products, Mr. Calhoun conceived the idea for the Gotta™Go Personal Care Device as a result of personal creativity, professional experience, ingenuity, and a recognized need for such a product.

 "I'm an investigator with a major retail department store. I was skeptical about the comfort, I ordered the Gotta™Go Personal Care Device anyway, and boy was I pleased I did. No more long surveillances with mayonnaise jars and milk containers! Why didn't someone figure this out years ago?"

-Robert T., Minneapolis

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